The Penny Scholarship Program

The Penny Scholarship Program was established in 2018 by Giselle Morch in memorandum of her son, Jaycee Webster.  Read the full story below.  

The Penny Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial aid and support to those in the gift basket industry who need assistance with their business.  We accept donations as well as applications for assistance.


The opening donation was given by Giselle Morch and was matched by the founder of The Gift Basket Association, Debbie Quintana.  We thank those who have donated and continue to donate.  You can make a donation here.  Please see our list of donors below.

Applications for Scholarships

If you need assistance with your gift basket business and would like to apply for a scholarship and/or financial aid, please complete our online application.  Once submitted, it will be reviewed by Giselle and the GBA team.  Notifications of scholarships approvals or denials are made within 30 days of receipt.  Please note that we may not be able to grant all requests.  


THANK YOU to the following donors!

Giselle Morch

Paula Rosenthal

Alex & Debbie Quintana

Twana Jones

Anne Pazier

Brenda Singh

Cara Cohen

Julia Wallace-Hall



"I may not change the world, but I want to inspire many."  Jaycee 'Penny' Webster 

About Jaycee "Penny" Webster

The Jaycee “Penny” Scholarship has been created as a legacy for our Jaycee who was murdered in 2017. Jaycee had several jobs during his short life, but the ones that gave him enjoyment was when he worked for himself as an entrepreneur. His first entrepreneurial business was a dog walker. Jaycee began as a dog walker before dog walking was getting popular. He discovered how to blend his love for animals a long with his kindness in helping others into making a profit. He observed people, saw an opportunity and presented a solution. By creating his own work schedule and pricing Jaycee was then able to buy and sell clothes. By using his friendly personality and his million dollar smile he soon started another line of business which was to buy and sell clothing. He now was multi-tasking two entrepreneurial businesses. As his business grew he then looked for other opportunities sometimes where others were coming to him to see if he was interested in learning something new. Because of his warmth he then learned and was being paid to do assistance work in the audio/visual industry. During the slow times he started helping others with their business in the lawn care services. When Jaycee would take a break from one he took on a seasonal job of shoveling snow. Jaycee had to learn how to pace himself, he had a knack for knowing what would be popular before it was a trend. He knew how and what inspired him as well as others. Being warm, friendly, trusting and polite were what helped him to succeed in his many businesses as well as taking risks. It is our hope that you will continue to pursue your passion, get to know what your God given gifts are, explore new ways that inspires you and continue to never give up. We hope that you continue to fulfill your dreams as Jaycee’s was cut short. Jaycee has and will continue to motivate and inspire many. Never give up, be inspired to be motivated. It is our hope that the Jaycee “Penny” Scholarship will continue to inspire you, and that the scholarship will be a lasting legacy by continuing to grow and help other entrepreneurs. 

Jaycee’s family and friends

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