Group & Individual Coaching with Debbie Q.


Group & Individual Coaching

We want to inspire you to be your very best and sometimes, coaching is just want you need.  We like to call it an "accelerator".  You can try to go at alone or you can gain the expertise of those who have already done it.  

Group Coaching

If you are a member of The Gift Basket Association, you are entitled to attend Group Coaching once a month.  Debbie hosts this session by teaching something high level during the first 30 minutes leaving the last 30 minutes for questions. A reminder of the group coaching date, time and log-in information is provided a week in advance of the call. Group coaching is always the last Tuesday of the month at 9am local time in Arizona. Each call is recorded and emailed out too all members within 48 hours.

Individual Coaching - Book Here

If you are a gold or platinum member, you are entitled to 30 or 60 minutes of private coaching with Debbie Quintana, respectively.  Platinum members are encouraged to split their time up into two 30 minute segments. Platinum members can call on Debbie for additional time should an issue arise that requires her immediate attention.  Should that situation arise, please contact her immediately or book a quick 15 minute session on her calendar.  

Debbie will be calling the number you added when you registered for your coaching session. Preparing for coaching is easy.  Simply jot down immediate questions you have for her.  Your first 5-10 minutes of your session will be to answer quick questions.  After that, Debbie will guide you towards your path of success.  She'll take into consideration where you are now, where you want to be and at the same time, make sure your foundation is strong.  

With almost 30 years of experience, we promise you'll be in great hands with her.  Just ask any of her 80 clients that are already coaching with her.

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