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The 2019 National Gift Basket Convention is going to WOW You!

Here are some of programs and activities planned for 2019!


The Mentor/Mentee Program - NEW!

What: In an effort to increase the comfort level of our newer attendees, the new Mentor/Mentee Program is designed to connect someone new with someone experienced in attending the National Gift Basket Convention.  Mentors will be responsible for having a minimum of two meetings prior to the convention to give the mentee an overview of what to expect and to answer any questions they may have regarding the convention.

Who:  Each attendee will declare if they are a "mentor" or a "mentee".  Requirements for mentors includes the attendance of a minimum of two NGBC's starting in 2012 or later.  Anyone can be a mentee. 

When:  Upon registration, each mentee will be connected with a mentor that has also registered. The mentor is responsible for taking the lead to schedule Facebook Chat Video Meetings to allow face-to-face meetings.


Group Coaching - NEW!

What: In previous years, we've had 1-1 speed coaching to allow attendees to meet with one of our coaches for individual advice. However, due to the size of the convention now, we have moved to a model of group coaching.  Each attendee will be able to attend two group coaching sessions. Choose your coaches upon registration of your convention ticket.

Who: Group coaching consists of a coach and up to 15 attendees.

When:  Group coaching will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

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