The GBA Fulfillment Program - Now Called Giftedin24We are thrilled to launch a new nationwide program working to:
  • Drive business towards local gift basket designers
  • Enables the same/next day delivery of gift baskets
  • Provides a platform to encourage consumers to shop local
  • Uplifts the type of gifts the gift basket industry offers
If you're interested in being a member of this program, here are the requirements:
  • You must be a Certified Gift Designer.  This program is $75 and takes up to 4 hours to complete.
  • Become a member of The Gift Basket Association silver or higher.  Silver membership is $21 per month.
  • Purchase the opening kit for the program which includes 10 gift basket designs and approximately 80 products
Once you've signed up and met these requirements, we'll ask you to:
  • Provide the cities you can deliver too.  Keep in mind, in some cases, you may be asked to ship a gift.
  • Conduct a communications test to ensure you are receiving emails and text messages from us.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I put these designs on my own website and sell them myself?
Absolutely!  We encourage you to promote these designs and sell them accordingly.  
Once a sell a kit, how fast can I get a replacement kit and where do I go to order?
We ship same day if you order by 1pm PST.  You will be given access to a special GiftedIn24 portal on the Gift Basket Association website to re-order a single kit or the individual supplies.
What is the shelf life of the products you ship? 
A minimum of 4 months, most are 8 months.
If I am missing one of the supplies, can I substitute?
No.  The gift must be exactly as pictured.  We are looking to create consumer confidence that what they order is what they will receive.
Can we use images for our own sale benefit?
What if I attempt a delivery and there is no one to receive it?
First, we recommend you schedule a delivery with the recipient ahead of time but in the event you attempt  a deliver and can not deliver, a re-deliver fee will need to be paid by the purchaser.  
How will I be notified when/if I have an order and do I have to accept it?
We will set up email and text message notifications to you.  You will have 30 minutes to accept or deny and order.  And no, if you are unable to get the gift basket to the recipient within the 24 or 48 hours requested, you can deny the order.

What is the profit margin we receive?
Typical commission is 30% but we are offering more to help cover your labor, supplies and shipping. You receive a minimum of 40-50% on each gift.  This will help cover your paper/shred/cello/bow expenses as well as the shipping of supplies from GBA to you.  
How much do we receive for the delivery?
You will receive $15 for standard delivery (up to 48 hours) or $20 for rush delivery (within 24 hours). 
Is there a minimum or maximum number of gift basket company owners that you will accept?
No.  We are looking to have as many gift basket designers in this program as possible.
How do we get paid?
As soon as you confirm the order has been completed, we will immediate transfer the payment through PayPal.
How do I sign up?
Purchase the kit here and we'll send you the link to an on boarding video.
Where can I see the areas that are currently covered?
You can access our Google Map here.
Do you have additional questions or want to speak to someone?  Schedule some time with Debbie Quintana directly here.