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Gift Designers Certification Program

It's with great pride and excitement that we are announcing a new industry wide certification program. This program is designed to continue the original intention of the Gift Basket Association: uplifting the gift basket industry in the spirit of support and collaboration.  

Professionals who are looking to become certified under this program will have a strong desire to continuously improve themselves and their business while demonstrating a positive and supportive attitude to others in this industry.   

The Gift Basket Designers Certification Program has been created to accomplish several goals for our industry, all of which are designed to balance individual artistic creation, quality and collaboration.  This program:

  • acknowledges the dedication to education of gift basket company owners and their staffs;
  • sets a level of quality and standard for new gift basket designers to achieve;
  • creates a competitive designation with other gifting industries;
  • supports the goal established by GBA of uplifting the gift basket industry in the spirit of support and collaboration.

Due to the high demand of this program, we only open 20 certifications per month. Once a month sells out, you'll need to check back for the next available month.  

There are two parts to certification.

1)  Complete an online exam and pass a test. This process should take approximately 2 hours.

2)   Once you have passed the test, you will be given a practical exam date with a Certified Gift Basket Educator (CGE). You will do this practical exam virtually using SKYPE by creating designs in front of the CGE. You can also certify at the National Gift Basket Convention.  

Once you pay for the certification, you'll receive an email with the link to start the course.  Please allow 24 hours.