GBA Fulfillment Program

The GBA Fulfillment Program

We are thrilled to launch a new nationwide program working to:

  • Allow us to provide same day/next day delivery using our peers in the industry. 
  • Standardizes products increasing confidence that the gift ordered is the one delivered
  • Provides you with 8-12 new designs to sell on your website with multiple photos, 360 degree views
  • Creates a foundation for us to push business to you through new networks such as Amazon, eBay, gifting partners, etc.

Same Day/Next Day Network:  This program allows us to offer standardized designs on our websites and have those orders filled by another member helping our clients when they really need a same day program.

Amazon & eBay:  We'll be offering the new gifts on Amazon and eBay and when/if an order comes in from an area where we have a member, we'll dispatch that order to you.

Gifting Partners:  The Gift Basket Association will be pitching our same/next day delivery program to a variety of gifting partners online.

Food Delivery Programs:  In some markets companies like DoorDash and UberEats will allow gift basket companies to have their company available for local delivery.  You can use the new designs and/or your designs.

Regular or Reverse Dropship:  When an order comes through Gift Marketing Alliance for one of the new designs, we may dispatch to the closest partner.  And if you would prefer that the order is filled through a partner vs. you filling it, we'll handle that too.



Same Day/Next Day


Amazon, Ebay

or Gifting Partners

Regular or Reverse


Design Kits Required Required Required
Big Commerce Site   Basic Plan Basic Plan
GBA Membership Silver or Higher Silver or Higher Silver or Higher
GMA Membership     Self or Full Service