Fundraising Program

Fundraising Program

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Definition: Encourage schools, association and churches to engage with your company and receive a portion of the proceeds as a donation each month.

Examples of Use: Schools are constantly doing high labor fundraisers to raise extra money for the school. 

How Does It Work: There is a page on your website that details the program and a sign up sheet.  Once they’ve signed up, you can program your site to collect the association they are with upon account creation.

What Else Should I Know: You’re responsible for marketing this program to schools and working with them.  

What’s Included in the Module:

1. A page on your site that details the overall program.
2. Graphics about the program.
3. A form that allows them to sign up or for those without a Big Commerce website, the form fields.
4. A flyer (design only) that details the benefits of program.
5. A PowerPoint Presentation and class that Debbie Quintana taught online.