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Creating a Corporate Gifting Program for your Gift Basket Business - Class is August 10th

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Corporate business is paramount to any gift basket business and is an important sector for you to seek out for your gift basket business.  Coming up on August 10, 2017 at 8am PDT, I'll be teaching a class on how to pitch to corporations to provide employee gifts to increase employee retention and moral.  Gifting programs for corporations is becoming a very trendy way for companies to recognize their employees on their anniversary dates, birthdays and for special occasions such as weddings and new babies.  

This class includes the following:

  • Overview of what a corporate gifting program consists of;
  • A powerpoint presentation you can personalize to pitch to corporations;
  • Images of products I've created that you can copy
  • The full recording of the class for playback

You can sign up for this class here.  The cost of the class is $25 and there are 40 available seats.

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