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Making a Change with Baby Gift Baskets - Essence of Presents Announces a New Modern Line of Baby Gift Baskets

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Shown Above:  "I Woke Up This Cute" Baby Gift Basket

The history of baby gift baskets has been pink and blue and sometimes green but at Essence of Presents we pay attention to upcoming trends in gifting and are pleased to announce a new line of baby gift baskets.  Our new baby gift baskets have a more modern design including the use of natural colors and products that the modern day mom will appreciate.  We've added the following items to our baby gift baskets:

  • high quality plush animals including bears, mini lambs and darling frogs
  • artwork which is ready to hang or set in the baby's room
  • useful items such as nightlights that give that extra special touch
  • high quality bath and body items for your newborn
  • super cute and modern baby outfits

We offer custom baby gift baskets so you can send a baby gift basket to the new Mom and Dad and make it a more memorable occasion.   We delivery baby gift baskets to Maryland and ship nationally.

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