Designing Gift Baskets with Home Decor

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Aug 11th 2016

Very rarely does a gift leave my shop that is just the run of the mill food basket that you can get from anywhere. Whether its a small ceramic vase or an inspirational quote plaque, I always make sure that I include something that is a "keepsake". They aren't necessary expensive, unless the gift basket warrants it but they are memorable. You see, I don't ever want anyone to forget me and my company and if I just do the standard gift basket - they will. I'm about making an incredible impression all of the time - not just once in a while.

Here are a few things that you could consider having on stock and including as your "signature item":

Ceramics such as vases, pitchers

Faux Plants

Wooden objects such as candle holders, signs

Journals, pens

Inspirational objects such as small signs, pictures

The photo above are items that I got on clearance at Michael's and all items are under $6.

I hope you'll make sure that no one ever forgets that special item they got in a special gift basket.