Branding for Your Gift Basket Business

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Aug 11th 2016

For years we've watched companies brand themselves with logos, tag lines and short vignettes to promote their company. They use spokespeople for testimonials and work to pull at your heart strings with their product offering. As small business owners, we should recognize that this strategy has worked for them. But, for us - hiring a movie star or sports figure to promote our gift baskets isn't exactly in our budget so here's the next best thing (or even better in my book): YOU.

You are your brand. Your company sells gifts but what you're really selling is your design talent. If you create and sell your own gifts (vs. drop shipping everything) then you are a designer, an artist. You create based on your talents and its important that your existing and potential customers appreciate it.

Here are five tips on how you can personally brand yourself:

1. Ensure that your photo is on the front page of your website. Add your signature and a personal message that ensures your customers know they can contact you directly with their gifting needs. Make sure its a good photo and maybe one of you holding a gift basket. Spend the money to do this right because you're going to use it for years.

2. Tell your story. People want to work with real people. If you struggled to get to where you are today, say so! They'll appreciate your hard work and perseverance.

3. Do a video of creating a gift basket for a client. This will hit home the fact that you make, rather "design" your own gifts and this is a great reason to do business with you.

4. Post in "first person" on your social networking and blog. It will show you care enough to communicate to them and makes you personable. It's no longer about "your people". It's all about you.

5. Demonstrate a grateful and humble tone in everything you post and say. People want to work with great people and those are two qualities that will make you great.