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A Real Blog

A Real Blog

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Nov 9th 2016

Over the years, I've had multiple blogs and even now when I coach, I tell people that blogging is for SEO - internet marketing. The common consumer isn't really going to take the time out of their ov … read more

Who is YOUR Trusted Advisor?

Aug 11th 2016

Do you feel like you're consistently getting advice from everyone around you but you don't know who to trust? Do you make decisions based on what your girlfriends are saying you should do? Are … read more

Designing Gift Baskets with Home Decor

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Aug 11th 2016

Very rarely does a gift leave my shop that is just the run of the mill food basket that you can get from anywhere. Whether its a small ceramic vase or an inspirational quote plaque, I alway … read more

Branding for Your Gift Basket Business

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Aug 11th 2016

For years we've watched companies brand themselves with logos, tag lines and short vignettes to promote their company. They use spokespeople for testimonials and work to pull at your heart stri … read more