Dispelling Rumors - Worth My Time? Not really but I'll do it anyway.

Dispelling Rumors - Worth My Time? Not really but I'll do it anyway.

Posted by Debbie Quintana on Nov 18th 2018

Since I started GBA in 2009, I'd have one person that secretly follows me but gets it wrong every time.  So the question is, is it worth my time to even write this right now?  Do I care?  Can she hurt me? The answer is no but I will set the record straight. If you know me, you know that I'm not trying to do anything to hurt the industry but rather uplift it.  What we are all doing together is relevant, current and appropriate. 

Here is specifically what she said, "Our directory at XXXXXX is available by membership to any gift basket or unique gift provider. You don't have to be certified by anyone. My opinion is that certification is just a way for someone to make money since all of our businesses/styles/designs are different and there isn't a single person in our industry that is qualified to certify anyone else. You don't have to buy any kits to be included on our directory. You will sell your own designs, take your own orders, charge your own delivery fees and most important of all, KEEP YOUR OWN CUSTOMERS."

For the mere purpose of ensuring that those who follow me understand how misinformed and inappropriate these statements are...here is the 100% truth.

The Certified Gift Designers program launched in 2012 for several reasons.  

  1. To be competitively credentialed like other gifting industries.  
  2. To ensure that we have a standard to build upon and educate newcomers when it comes to design.  
  3. Instill confidence that the person creating your referral gift has been trained. 
  4. To use the CGD title as a part of our marketing campaign for GiftedIn24.  

I have almost 30 years of experience in design and 15 years in coaching.  I'm confident in my ability to be qualified to assign credentials. And as far as making money, for full disclosure, we charge $75 for the program.  The cost for us to certify someone is $58.94 and platinum members pay $37.50. That's hardly making money.  

You don't have to be certified to be in GBA.  Its totally up to you if you want to go through the program and if you do, you don't even have to be a member to do it.

You do not have to buy kits to be in GBA. She is confusing the new GiftedIn24 program where you DO have to buy the kits to be a part of this new program.  This allows us to have standard product line for consumers to purchase so we can SEND ORDERS TO YOU.  

Remember that successful people don't need to put others down. 

Now, I'll go back to supporting you because that, my friends, is my job.  I can't thank you enough for your support.  It makes everything I do and go through totally worth it.